Parent Education

Parent Activities

  1. Parent orientation (online)
  2. K2 & K3 Parent meeting (online)
  3. Information session on the transition to primary one (online)
  4. 2020 Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive 2020
  5. Parents’ Day
  6. Information session on central allocation for primary one admission (online)
  7. Parent observations in the classroom (online)
  8. Social work services by Yan Oi Tong kindergartens: parent talk on emotion managements, K3 parent workshop on preparing students for primary one, K2 parent workshop on nurturing children’s emotional intelligence, K1 parent workshop on nurturing children’s language development
  9. The 19th Parent-Teacher Association Committee Member Election
  10. Primary one bridging activity held by Ling To Catholic Primary School

Parent-Teacher Association Activities

  1. Regular meetings
  2. Chinese New Year celebration (online)
  3. Parent volunteer work

Parent Activities co-organised with Homantin Baptist Church

  1. Parents’ gathering group
    Sharing sessions on different Christianity issues, Chinese New Year celebrations, exercise day, bible study, book sharing, Sai Kung trip, Christmas and Chinese New Year mass greetings
  2. Light-On Team (Affiliated primary school gathering group) (Online gathering)
  3. Parent badminton team
  4. Worship service for adults
  5. Worship service for children
  6. Summer bible school
  7. Pilates trial class

Lecture 2021-2022

"Music Education for Young Children" Parent-Teacher Training Workshop

New Student Orientation

Parents Orientation of Primary One Admission

"Parent-Child Musical Play Workshop"

Parents Day

Parent-Child Creative Picture Book Storytelling Workshop

2020-2021 Parent Seminar

Parents Orientation of Simulation of Central Allocation (Online Version)

Parents Workshop on Children’s "Happy", "Angry", "Sorrow" and "Joy"

Drama Activity

Parents Experience of Pilates

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