School Social Work Services

Our school has a social work service from Yan Oi Tong which provides a wide range of support for families and children. It can arrange meetings and meetings for families if necessary.

On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Services

The kindergarten also has an on-site pre-school rehabilitation service “Heart Bridge Integrated Education Service” provided by the Hong Kong Christian Service. The multi-professional service team serves children with special needs in the kindergarten, their parents and teachers; and integrates children with special needs Campus learning and community life, as well as laying a solid foundation for future learning.

Supports for NCS Children

  • We provide the following support measures to non-Chinese speaking parents and children to ensure that all eligible children (including non-Chinese speaking children), have the same opportunity to enter the school.
  • Our teachers have experience teaching non-Chinese speaking students.
  • Our telephone and e-mail replies can assist non-Chinese speaking parents with enquiries in English.
  • Equal opportunities of admission are offered to all children.NCS children can come to our interview with a Chinese speaking companion.
  • Related community information is provided for NCS families.
    Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER Centre)
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